“I absolutely believe Urban America is ready for a streaming platform with empowering, inspiring, and positive programming focused on subjects like healthy eating, investing, business ownership, and family values. In 2021 black people want to be empowered, not just entertained.”

— J. Thomas Cotton
Founder, Urban Now TV

Urban Now TV (UNTV) is a video streaming service and production house. The media company develops and broadcast inspirational, solution driven, empowerment themed content for urban communities. The platform streams user-generated, curated, and original programming, on-demand, on its website and mobile apps. Urban Now TV Mobile apps are available for download in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Urban Now is the only black owned streaming platform dedicated to providing 100% authentic and unscripted empowerment themed content. Urban Now TV is a headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The company is owned by a small group of investors.

The streaming service also plans to launch smart TV apps for Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire in the coming months. Access to public videos on the platform is free.